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Well, we feel like we've finally been hit by the train that has been hurtling towards us. Funkidory is closed for the foreseeable. 

Of course this is a worrying and confusing time for everybody as there will be very few of us who aren’t affected, each having our own difficult set of circumstances we're having to contend with in the face of these completely surreal events. The coming weeks are going to be challenging and the unknown is scary but it’s also times like these where you see some of the most beautiful displays of humanity as we all pull together to stay strong and ride this thing out. Would just like to say to our friends, neighbours and colleagues, we stand by you and are here to help in any ways that we can.

We have been very moved by the amount of people that have reached out to us or come by the bar to express their support and asking what they can do. It's been incredible. I admittedly have had temporary moments of feeling hopeless (being over 8 months pregnant and the hormones that go along with that adding plenty of extra spice!) while trying to process what's been happening and it’s meant the world to hear your words of encouragement.

Sergio and I have put everything into these past couple of years to get to where we are with Funkidory today. Those who know us and have been our rocks through it all know it’s not been easy and we are super proud at what we’ve achieved and feel unimaginably lucky that our bar has ended up being the vehicle that’s led to so many new friendships and the love that those friends have shown us. We could never have dreamed.
We don’t want this dream to be over and deep down truly believe that we can get through this one way or another - after the battles we’ve fought to get here, this is just another hurdle after all.
It’s been suggested to us to set up a go fund me page – so here we are.

Donations can be redeemed in-house in the form of your favourite cocktails once all this madness has blown over. Sergio and I can’t thank you enough.


 Anna & Sergio


Funkidory is an independent, small and perfectly formed cocktail bar in Peckham that celebrates culture, style, flavour, community and Funk!
A local hang out serving up thoughtfully made drinks created with our beloved neighbourhood in mind, using ingredients commonly found along Rye Lane.

Open Wednesday to Sunday.

Daily Aperitivo Hour £5 Menu 5-8pm (unless a special event is on).

We operate on a first come first served basis.

For info regarding private events, corporate/individual cocktail classes or consultations, please contact us.



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